iLikeGirlsDaily FAQ

I am Lisa and I run I put this page together to answer any questions that you may have.

I have one mission right now besides finish college: to make have the hottest Twitter out. I want this to be HUGE. I want people to know what iLikeGirlsDaily is: the hottest Twitter with the hottest photos of amateur girls. To make you guys happy and make your days a little brighter. That is my ultimate mission.

How to contact me:

If you want to say hi, say thanks or have a question please feel free to email me at: - I answer every email, but please be respectful.

How to HELP ME:

I spend a lot of my time hunting for photos and posting them. I don’t ask for much in return except that you please RETWEET MY TWEETS. You will find the ‘retweet’ button under every tweet, like so:


Also: telling your followers about me/to follow me too is always welcome!

Call radio stations, tv shows, other blogs- is also good, but I don’t expect you to do that last part for me :)

I love all of my followers and appreciate your feedback.

You can now buy t-shirts here.



Whilst I would never ask or beg for donations, every little helps. I go to school full-time and put a lot of hours into the Twitter. If you would like to send me a donation you are most welcome. I will send photos in return and love you :)

My paypal is: or you can click the donate button on the side or click here.

How to submit photos for me to post:

You can send photos to me at my email address:

Make sure you tell me who you are and if you want me to mention that you sent the pic/s. I WILL NEVER post your name or Twitter UNLESS you tell me it is okay to do so.

If you want to submit your girlfriend, wife or fuck buddy you are most welcome to.

Please no underage or girls who LOOK underage.

I especially love getting photos like this:


Anything with a handwritten/printed sign is MOST appreciated.

Questions you may have:

Who are you?

I am Lisa Carter, born in the USA, sometimes in the UK. I am 23 years old and I like both guys and girls. 

Are you single?

Currently single yes. I am at college and always busy with that and the Twitter, so I have no time for dating or much of anything else at the moment.

Why did you start the Twitter?

I started the Twitter one day because I was bored and wanted to make something fun. I didn’t expect it to get so popular, but as soon as it did I just carried on posting.

I sent you a tweet and you didn’t reply. Why??

I get a lot of tweets from people and can’t always answer. The main reason I do this is because I don’t want to annoy anyone with a thousand replies. I would rather post the pics that everyone loves.

Some of your pics are no longer working. Why?

Sometimes they go down, but I will always replace them- so please, be patient!

You were mentioned on Howard Stern right?

Yes! I was mentioned on there by Ronnie The Limo Driver ( twice. Here are the clips:

First mention:

Second mention:

Can you promote my Twitter page?

Sorry, I don’t tweet other girls profiles unless they are friends and have value to them. A lot of girl Twitter profiles are either fake, spammy or just crap. I only tweet quality content.

Do you know the girls in the photos? Can you tell me who this or that is?

Some of them, yes. Most of them don’t want their name out there. If they ask me to say their name or link their Twitter, I will, but most don’t.

Can we meet up/have sex/chat online/give me your phone number/etc?

Sorry! I just want to post pics and have a bit of fun doing so. I’m not looking to meet or fuck anyone right now.

What happened to the newsletter?

I am still collecting members on that. If you want to sign up (it’s free) go to - I WILL make one soon, I am just making sure I get enough people to make it worth my while, y’know? :)

Do you have a Facebook?

Not at the moment, I deleted it because I was getting harassed, but I DO have a Facebook page which you can ‘Like’ here: 

You posted a photo of me and I want it taken down, what do I do?

Email me with the link.

What sites do you recommend?

If you are looking to watch hot girls getting naked on cam check out or - both are VERY GOOD. You can tell the girls what to do and there are all types of different girls to choose from.

For online dating I recommend this site:

This one is great and is totally free: - it’s a Facebook application, it’s easy to setup and use and nobody on your Facebook can see it!